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"‘INTRODUCING POSTMADONNA‘ by Postmadonna is a fantastic introduction that leaves a lasting impression of incredulous awesome. The real gem of this too-short EP is “Whose Absinthe Is This?”; it has easily become my favorite song to listen to after a beer or two. It’s a stellar example of music that is as catchy as it is complex. It’s dense enough to stand up to repeated listens, yet still offer some new sound or feel each time. You can also tune out the intricacies and just enjoy the groove and immediate melody. From the background vocals and well-placed harmonic here and there, this is a song that was not written but crafted, that must have been thought out and pieced together with the overall grand view in mind. Each instrument has its’ time to shine, much like jazz; there’s a time and a place for spastic drums, there’s a time and place for bass to pop up and dance around, and there’s a time for delicate guitar work. This tune has all of these and then some. INTRODUCING POSTMADONNA’ is well worth the price of admission. This is a solid outing of songs with catchy melodies that aren’t afraid of nerding out, technically challenging music that will get stuck in your head after only a few listens." (90%)

"There are bigger names in the “ADHD” cult genre, but none have made it so catchy, melodic or lyrical... Introducing is, in one word – rad. In two – “too short.” Start to finish, not a second’s wasted. Every subtle dropped or added beat fits perfectly and demands repeat listens. And, Lordy, the choruses, or rather the six-vocalist scream-along anthems, kill... you have no excuse: put these dudes on your iPod. Besides, Seattle listeners, it’s time for you to check out a local band that isn’t attempting to coattail-ride Fleet Foxes with MOR-folk and stereotypical gospel harmonies. Hell, you’ll even impress your biggest music-nerd friends."

"Postmadonna are maximalists in both group size and sound. Postmadonna encompass garish prog rock, quasi-hiphop bombast, organic/synthetic orchestral rock, and discombobulated psychedelia. On their Philip K. Dick–inspired album Valis, they make Flaming Lips at their most grandiose sound like Bill Callahan. You may not like every ludicrously extravagant gesture, but you have to respect Postmadonna's supersized ambitions and wizardly technical capabilities. They stand out in a morass of underachievers."

-DAVE SEGAL of the Stranger

Plenty of Swords blog "Best of 2012"

"Postmadonna make combing knotty math-rock passages with smooth vocal harmonies. This local band's sound is maximalist and unpredictable." Seattle Weekly


released March 15, 2012

DOWNLOAD THE "INTRODUCING" EP FOR FREE NOW ABOVE! We're doing the name your own price gig, so if you want it for free just enter $0.00. If you have some extra cash and want to support our musical endeavors/getting these pressed on vinyl, pay what you can. The "Introducing" LP will be available for download when we finish it.

Contact us at or via facebook.


Pat Goodwin: Guitar, Vocals
Rowdy Gleason: Guitar, Vocals
Sean Niggemeyer: Bass
Rich Clark Coller: Drums, Violin, Vocals

Guest Appearances:
Ryan Kim: Guitar, Vocals, lyrics
and composition on Shroomiverse
and Hallways
Riley McCorkle: Vocals
Cameron LaFlam: Vocals
Phil Hirshi: Cello

Recorded at the Montlake Manor and the Vera Project.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Pat Goodwin and Rowdy Gleason



all rights reserved


Postmadonna Seattle, Washington

Postmadonna is from Seattle, WA.

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Track Name: Wizard Staff Fight/Uramagician
Track Name: Shroomiverse Part II
If I could just pause my life
keep it the way I like
watch my pupils fight for size
as I lay on my back and fantasize
of happier times, of happier times, of happier times

Split my brain apart
reassemble it anew
a homeless mans art
from me to you

Everything is blue tonight
Everything is shrooms tonight
Track Name: Hallways
This Hallway's a stage
it stretches and sways
this house is a maze
impossible to navigate

you're always the same
so filled with disdain
another tired day
another day to waste away

I would give my life to stay this high all the time
I would give my life to stay this high every night
I would give my life to stay this high

my eyes are kaleidoscopes
I slowly choke as the vomit creeps up my throat
my throat

my life has seem lucid these past few days
and now im saying hello to the heartache
hello heartache