Cater to the Slackers "single"

by Postmadonna



Brand new single from Seattle kids Postmadonna


"(Cater to the Slackers is) a technical rollercoster of math-rock and experimental pop, which bridges the gap between their self-titled record and their new EP. Featuring stuttered guitar taps, layered vocal lines and plenty of twists and turns, ‘Cater to the Slackers’ is one really exciting piece of music." --Musical Mathematics of Seattle's finest exports into the math- and instrumental-rock canon: Postmadonna's post-caffeinated, hyper-spasmodic math rock has earned praise on these pages before. Their supercharged mad-scientist energy is currently unparalleled in Seattle for its catchy weirdness and sing-a-long-ability. With the young four-piece now signed to Tetra Records, parallel universe domination seems inescapable. -THE SEATTLE STRANGER

"The members of Seattle “spazzcore” quartet Postmadonna appear to be in desperate need of some Ritalin. But the animated, effervescent results of their latest self-titled effort are cause for us all to hope that they never want to shake their ADHD. Released earlier this year, Postmadonna is comprised of nine frenetic tracks that giddily and abruptly bounce from one math rock riff and prog-pop hook to the next; so many times within a single track that listeners will be left trying to catch their breath once the album’s deceptively breezy 25-minutes are up." -THE NEEDLE DROP

One of the top 8 Local releases for 2013. (Postmadonna) defines dizzying hedonism and squiggly bombast. To grasp their sound, imagine if a more self-indulgent Tera Melos were led by an aggressively ADHD Omar Rodriguez-Lopez... Their music truly shines live where Postmadonna "gets its fans nearly dog-piling with rabid enthusiasm for rapidly changing time signatures and pop-punk sing-alongs at their live shows" -THE SEATTLE STRANGER


released December 9, 2014

Pat Goodwin: Vocals, Guitar
Rowdy Gleason: Guitar
Rich Clark Coller: Drums
Sean Niggemeyer: Bass



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Postmadonna Seattle, Washington

Postmadonna is from Seattle, WA.

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Track Name: Cater to the Slackers
Most days I convince myself
that while my brain is full
and having all these habits
has made me dull
I still grind my head
constantly waiting for my hair to grow back

(strung out)
What's PC
Turn off
My freebies
(feed me)

Because I'm anarchist
Since this is joking right?
Maybe once or twice
Maybe once or twice

I'm an anarchist
Maybe once it twice
Maybe once or twice
Since this is joking right?

Cater to the slackers
Sliding down the ladder

Rubbing off what matters
There's friction in our habits

Blew the wad on god
Took my self seriously

It's takes a kind of loathing
To truly know yourself
It takes a sour taste
To stop this endless mouth
It takes a busy silence
to start to hear the noise
and start to sort it out
and start to make it yours

In all my dreams I ask for one thing
In all my dreams I ask for no thing